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Photography Services

With over 30 years of experience in photography, including formal education and training as a photojournalist, graphic designer, and creative director, I enjoy helping others learn their craft. I also welcome projects involve social good, education, and building positive communities. 


I have experience in nearly all genres of photography and specialize in nature photography and photojournalism. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University, which ranks among the best in the industry.

Image Review

An image review is a one-on-one analysis of an image, series of images, or a photo project you're considering for competition, clients, or yourself. Reviews can be done in person or online.


One-on-one or group workshops involve deep discussions and hands-on experiences shooting out in the field, which is the best place to learn.


What skills do you want to grow? What are your challenges? Helping others grow in their craft creatively and technically is a fulfilling journey. We'll dive deep into assessing your goals as a maker and work together to develop an action plan to reach your goals.

Portfolio Review

A portfolio review is an assessment of your body of work in light of your goals and experience. We'll discuss your intent as a maker and outline ways to advance your journey.

Competition Judging

Serving as a judge for competitions is a commitment to being open-minded and fair, and to offering clear critique in a constructive, positive way to help others elevate their craft or recognize their skills.

Consultant, mentor, cheerleader, adviser, problem-solver, trusted ally.  I hired Amethel for guidance with my new photography business. Her decades of experience, business acumen, calm, reassuring nature and attention to detail have positively affected not just my business, but  my life. As a new business owner, I need to build the foundation and strategy to chart my path to success. Amethel is providing me tools, data points, resources, first-hand experience, and even building my confidence. In addition to helping to paint the big picture, she has taught me effective problem-solving skills for situations I encounter regularly while working with photography clients and stepped me through a logical process for pricing products and services. No matter what type of business you're running, the principles, concepts and tools you will gain in partnering with Amethel will help you advance and grow as an entrepreneur and as a person. She genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to see them prosper.

— CG Photography

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