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A Feathered Friend

As we were admiring the curvy lines of Chicago’s third-tallest building disappearing into the fog, a flock of gulls soared around us. While capturing this scene, I thought of one of my favorite books from my youth, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” It’s about a seagull who leaves his comfort zone and small-minded flock as an outcast to go on an epic adventure to find the meaning of life. After being expelled, he loses confidence in himself, until he finds other seagulls who embrace his uniqueness and passion for flying higher, faster, with creative twists and turns. Together, they overcome their fears and master the art of flying, reaching heights no other seagulls had ever seen.

I imagine this gull is on her own hero’s journey along the Chicago River and beyond. Thanks for stopping by in my frame, my feathered friend, and happy travels!

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