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The Day Begins

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

“In the wild primeval beauty of the nature it exhibits, of ancient rocks and still more ancient sea, with infinite detail of life and landscape interest between, the spirit and mind . . . will surely find in it in the years and centuries to come, an inspiration and a means of growth as essential . . . as are fresh air and sunshine to the body." —George B. Dorr, father of Acadia National Park

On this day, we were among the first in the U.S. to see the sun rise. It was also one of the most spectacular sunrises we’ve ever experienced. From Cadillac Mountain, the summit of Acadia NP — the easternmost national park — you can see where the mountains and forests of Maine meet the Atlantic Ocean. Even without the sunrise, the summit is glorious. With its popularity during the peak of the fall season, limited passes were given out in a lottery. We were grateful to get one of the 100 passes issued two days beforehand.

In our quest to experience every national park in the U.S., Ken and I had a fantastic time checking off Acadia. Now, which parks are next? Which ones are your favorite?

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