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Last Full Moon of 2021

For the last full moon of 2021, we got to enjoy the Cold Moon rising over Mt. Helix, along with flocks of birds soaring all around us. I was happy to create one more image before the end of the year to add to my personal project and exhibit focusing on the beauty of Mt. Helix, especially with the moon. I love my neighborhood and its beautiful environs which always remind me of the mountain regions of the Philippines.

This late December moon is also called the “Moon of the Popping Trees” by the Lakota because of the strong winter winds that rush through the land and snap twigs from trees.

Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, and Merry Christmas! We wish our family and friends the happiest of holidays and a healthy New Year full of warmth, joy, and light!

*** In this stacked image shot at 700mm, the full moon is true to size and alignment with the cross. The birds were taken from the same camera location and set-up within seconds of each other, just using a faster shutter speed to capture motion.

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