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That's a Wrap!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Tomorrow is already the last day for the International Exhibition of Photography. It’s been so busy, we didn’t get a chance to hang or celebrate the award we got for our work in 2021: First Place for “Strategy or Tactic to Engage Competitive Exhibits” from the International Association of Fairs & Expositions. Last year, we experimented with new approaches for the condensed version of the Photo Show, and we’ve applied our successful techniques to our educational programming with the return of the full show this year.

Running the Photo Show has been an incredible experience with my partner-in-crime, Lois Fong-Sakai. When I was previously involved as a judge and a speaker, I could see that curating one of the oldest and largest juried competitions with 1,200 prints displayed was a lot of work — but I had no idea how much. Fortunately, Lois and I play well, and work well, together. Already planning for 2023!

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